Rural Approaches

Effective and Practical Planning for Community Development

Rural communities face different challenges than their urban counterparts. While many of the community needs are the same, finding technical expertise and resources for rural areas can be difficult. Rural Approaches has the experience and knowledge to assist communities plan and achieve their goals.

Rural Approaches combines creative vision with practical planning. We build collaborations and gather local resources for successful planning. Local collaborations and resources are a critical component, otherwise the end result is a cookie cutter one size fits all plan. Rural communities are unique with independent citizens who deserve meaningful planning efforts with local characteristics and challenges as the foundation of plans and strategies.

Planning helps individuals and communities see where they want to go and make decisions on how to get there. A comprehensive plan can empower communities and organizations to maintain a sense of place, become more resilient during times of economic challenges, and take advantage of economic opportunities.


Solutions must be developed through collaborative, community-based approaches that involve an expanding leadership base and actively seek input from the community. The collaborative process needs to honor the past, assess the present, and describe the desired future.


Implementing consists of carrying out the action, and at the same time monitoring and evaluating your plan, updating it periodically, and continuously attempting to advance the plan.  Implementation is everything in determining whether your plans are worth the time and effort required to prepare them.